Like any solidly built, grassroots organization, A Wolf Adventure relies on volunteers like you to help further the important message of the facility. 
Saskatchewan is comprised of amazing people such as yourself who want to BE INVOLVED and connected to community, and a worthwhile cause.  Volunteering benefits not only the person volunteering but communities as a whole.
A Wolf Adventure A Wild Encounter is always looking for volunteers!
We need man/woman power and heart to enriching items for the wolves, as well as miscellaneous work at the facility (pools), log buildings, tower/play set, building the outdoor/indoor eco friendly classroom, putting up tall fencing etc
Whether you have building skills or not, we can use your help!
 Have some building skills (fencing,carpentry skills/construction/welding, maybe you are in school for such? ) GREAT!
Have a day or more to offer your services/help during the spring/summer/fall ?
PLEASE contact us today so we can utilize this INVALUABLE aid. 
For anyone willing to offer a week-end, they can camp here at AWA-AWE.
Volunteer Help
  • Building habitats
  • Building gym sets
  • building pools
  • sign building
  • gate building
  • grass mowing
  • trail building
  • feeding animals
  • watering
  • planting trees
  • painting/staining wood structures built
  • cave building
  • weeding
  • landscaping
  • cleaning habitats
  • and other misc. jobs
  • helping do educational talks in a classroom setting (this will be reserved only for someone local to the area) and can get out during school hours to help in such a fashion will be dependant on the ambassador animal having a good rapore with this kind of volunteer. Person must be well versed on wolf ethology and be good in crowds.

If you do volunteer PLEASE be prepared to actually work and help the animals.  Being able to interact with the wolves is a perk of course, and your love of the animals will be drawing you to us, but it should not be the only reason you are out here.


Benefits of Volunteering at AWA-AWE
1) Developing better interpersonal/communication skills. Learn to motivate and understand others better, as well as problem solve.
2) The longer you volunteer the more developed your skills will get.
3) Improve job opportunities. Volunteering looks good on any resume. AWA offers up a great reference for those seeking a job!
4) Improve building skills.  If you are right out of school for perhaps welding or carpentry, or maybe still in it, what better way than to apply your newly learned or developing skills/trade than through volunteering at AWA?
 5) Improve your knowledge of building. If you are wishing to better your lacking in skills ability, then what better way than to come out and learn! For those whom have never built a wolf den, or put up fencing, built a pond, come on out we can still use your heart and hands!
6) Learn about wild animals! Have you ever wanted to work with wild animals or perhaps simply learned more about them? in particular wildlife rehabbing or wolves? then AWA is the right place for you. Through you volunteering, as a perk you get to meet the wolf residents at AWE and get to know them in a more personable way. See what it takes to walk on the true wild side with wolves. There may be an opportunity for the right person over time to help with educational presentations with the wolves.
7) If you become a consistent volunteer you will be awarded a pendant that holds a bit of shed wolf fur, and long term volunteers will get a t-shirt. Just our way of saying THANK U!
8) The pride and satisfacton in knowing YOU CARED to help make a difference!
Please call (306) 922-4510
or e-mail
 info (at) awolfadventure (dot) com


Volunteering: What You Need To Know

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must sign a waiver/release of liability upon arrival. AWA nor it's human residents will be held responsible for any injuries occurred either through the centers animals, or on the property itself.
  • All volunteers must sign a liability form and fill out an application
  • we are a non smoking facility. If you do smoke we will appoint a designated area for you to safely do so
  • Food and beverage (other than water) is not supplied, please bring your own cooler/back pack to provide for yourself and your own needs. Thank you
  • Volunteers whom wish to interact with our wolf residents must be healthy and strong. Wolves are very large and powerful canines, the person cannot be too weak in mind or body.
  • Absolutely no volunteer is allowed within any wolf habitat without the permission/approval of the Director/Owner  Skylar
  • Disrespect of the human residents or animal residents will not be tolerated and is just cause for removal from property.

We have various odd jobs open for volunteer positions, as we build up and grow this will change. See above for what we currently require from volunteers.

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Copyrightę  A Wolf Adventure, A Wild Encounter.  All rights reserved, unless stated otherwise via credit to another. Questions about usage of our written work, or photos?  Please contact us. We are always happy to help out others.  please contact  1 (306) 922-4510

Please Note: We are not provincially, or federally funded. We work to support the outreach work, any programs, and the wolves out of our own pockets, NOT the other way around Through your sponsorship and buying wolf gifts from us, you are not supporting US the human caretakers, any funds ALWAYS 100% go towards future educational programs, & expansion/enrichment for the wolves only, we work jobs like everyone else to support ourselves. The wolves are not bred for profit, nor do we make a living off their lives. We believe if wild has to be in captivity, that they should have jobs to help their wild brethren via educating with their wild messages. We believe in keeping wild; wild and thus actively participate via partaking ourselves in, and financially supporting other worthy wildlife rehab organizations, & wildlife/habitat conservation organizations.