Lupine Learning Links

The following links are Educational sources on Wolves in the wild and captivity as well as links pertaining to wd's and Northern breed dogs. The links contain info. not limited to training, health and nutrition, legalities,rabies, care, containment, and MORE!

Pure Wolf Org's, Educational Facilities, and Educational Sites

Canadian Wolf Centre and Outreach, get up close and personal!(WolfEchoValley's A Wolf Adventure's other site)

International Wolf Centre educational facility to view wild captive raised wolves up close and in person

Wild Sentry (Licensed Wolf Educational Facility)

Educational facility dedicated to the preservation of wild wolves, focusing on breeding of red and mexican wolves

WolfPark is an Educational facility started in 1972 by Erich Klinghammer, focusing wolf behavior this center offers seminars and internships, a way to work with and learn all about wolves. A must visit!

Educational facility to view pure wolves

Wolf Hollow focusing on educating the public about the wild wolfs plights, pure wolves are available to be seen.

Educational org. offering wolf programs

How you can help protect wolves in the wild and captivity

excellent site on wild canids, bears, wild cats, and more

Site with wolf facts and great photos

Excellent site to keep updated on wolf conservation programs, as well as other conservation issues (must read)

Great site with info. on wolf conservation and biology

An educational site focusing on CDN wolf info.

Wolf related resources and wolf info.

Great site with tons of wolf info. and links to other great wolf resources

Seacrest Wolf Preserve Excellent Facility in The Southern States to View wolves up close.

Rescue Related

WolfDogRescue Resources

Beyond excellent rescue articles (MUST READ!)

WOLF is a non profit wolf and wolfdog rescue and educational facility in CO.

An educational site with wolves, wolfdogs, tigers and more

Where Wolves Rescue: Rescue and educational facility


Reputable wolfdog rescue/info source

List of homecheckers across Canada

Dear friends site on wolfdogs, lots of pics/info.

Wolfdog rescue in Maine

List of wolf/wolfdog org's

Wolf/wolfdog rescue

Malamute Rescue contacts (Canada/States) GREAT!

Wolfdog rescue

Wolfdog rescue

Before I Die (MUST read for all animal owners!)

Wild Spirit Rescue formerly Candy Kitchen (wolves and wolfdogs)

Colorado Wolf and Wolfdog Education Center and Rescue

Must Read wolf dog articles, info on wolfdogs.


Health/Nutrition/Disease etc

Foods that can kill your canine

Raw meaty bones (BARF)

Pet nutrition books

OFA site

Protecting your pet from poisons

Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation

Intestinal disorders that cause diarrhea

Clinical signs diarrhea (good site)

Digestive tract disorders

Understanding diarrhea in canines

Diarrhea (Diagnose me)

Parasitic diseases


Diabetes article

Candida and benefits of pro-biotics

Dr David Mech's new revised book on wolves

Training, Behavior, Genetics and Science

West Coast K9-Training/Containment

Articles by the Assoc.Pet Behavior Counsellors

Clicker training tools

Classical and operant conditioning

Teaching bite inhibition

PAWSITIVE training solutions

Educational articles (breeding etc)

(wolfdog info)

Hypothyroidism and aggressiveness

Fox farm experiment listed and MORE! (MUST READ)

3-D Interactive wolf skeleton

Being a Responsible breeder

Living with wolves (article)

Wolf hybrids/Suitable as pets? (Article)

A CDN friends EXCELLENT factual site on wolves

Wolves,Man And the Truth (GREAT SITE!)

Researchers discover gene that controls fear

Common behavior issues

Id'ing Canine Aggression

Bite stats on chaining

(pdf) why canines bite

Understanding fear, aggression and anxiety

Finding the genes that determine canine behavior

Inheritance of Temperament

Just for fun Agility Equipment

Site with plans for Agility Equipment

Enrichment Training Videos

Syn Alia Training Systems

Systematic Desensatization

Dr David Mech' perspective on wolf dominancy

Wolf history, ecology, conservation and behavior

Origins of dogs traced

Canine behavior problems

Fence jumping solutions and more!

Great site article on canine aggression and more

WolfPark (Amazing educational facility and site)

A wolfdog owners resource guide

Top notch educational site on wolfdogs

Florida wolfdog org. (great site)

GREAT site pertaining to everything canine!

Great article by Ann Dresselhaus

An excerpt on the domestic dog

Genetics,behavior and science

Scott wolf hearts personal site, shows daily training of his canines.

Dora Simpsons site

Training with Prong Collars (Suzanne Clothier)

Clicker Training Lessons (How To)

Dog Food Guarding

Behavior and Training index

Importance of Early Socialization

training and behavior (agression)

Learn to Breed

Various subspecies of wolves (pics)

Wild Sentry (Licensed wolf educational facility)






Wolfdog coalition (Rabies)

Rabies info. for hybrids

Rabies pdf indepth article

Enrichment online (wolves, coyotes etc)

International zoo designs

Excellent do it yourself cage building site

A site on environmental enrichment for animals

Lack of enrichment problems seen in captivity

State Regulations pertaining to hybrids

Biologist report on rabies

Miscellaneous Canine related

Potential puppy owners (FUNNY! rings true)

Wolves fact or fiction quiz

Safe capture of exotics and other animal+courses

Animal care and restraint procedure

WolfDogs In Other Countries (Marinas Site) lovely photos of their wolfdog Chey.

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