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The Wolf Oracle Through Ancient Eyes

The Wolf Oracle Through Ancient Eyes is a store created for people who feel the calling of days long past. Days when people were connected to the ancient lands that surround us, when such phenom occurs one is more apt to become intuned and connected with their own souls. Our eyes start to become ancient again, and see things long ago lost, sacred messages are received that otherwise would not be heard or felt , for a natural progression occurs and we become less judgemental and open to all experiences.
So many have become disconnected and society in general is based on fast paced living, eating, dating, talking, working, technology, to such a degree many are barely surviving. If you ever study a wild animal, their eyes will pierce your very soul, they are intune with their natural surroundings in a way many human animals have lost, they are pure to how they live. Their spirits are free. Their eyes are ancient. They sing and dance like nobody is watching and they could care less if there were. For they be what they be.

If you feel like crying...cry and embrace those tears. If you feel like screaming...scream, and embrace that pain like a best friend. If you feel like and laugh, as if it were the first time or very last. If you feel like singing...sing so loudly the angels hear you. Never care whom may be watching.
Keep in Touch with your wild spirit on a daily basis in order to connect to your own wild wisdom. Live authentically and true to who you be. See through Ancient Eyes and look into your own soul.
please visit us and support a good cause at the same time!

Buy something with a wild attitude, and support a worthy cause at the same time! Our Wild Wisdom Ware and wolfgifts will help you to
Unleash and Listen to your own wild side and wisdom!

My home designed, painted/fired tiles are one of a kind! lovingly crafted here at the Ranch they make perfect backsplashes, framed as pictures for your wall,  or to incorportate the tiles as part of a mural theme amongst tiles on a bathroom,bedroom, kitchen,living room, wall


The following are examples of some tiles created here. I can create anything from 6 by 6 to any size of tile mural asked for /custom ordered. The following are all 12" by 12" backsplash murals contact me

Cheryl Winklers Feather Art (
I met Cheryl at Wildlife rehab classes, this artists work on feathers will knock your socks off!

Raven Wolf (12" by 12") (click for larger view)
The Raven Prophecy is written out in the wolf paw

Reflection (12" by 12")
click for a larger view

Trinity (12" by 12") Click for larger view

lost wisdom (12" by 12") click for larger view

Honor (12" by 12") click for larger view

lonewolf (12" by 12") click for larger view

simpleONE (12" by 12") click for larger view

Sister (12" by 12") click for larger view
the true color is not shown in this photo, the tiles are very shiney and bright/white background

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Copyrightę  A Wolf Adventure, A Wild Encounter.  All rights reserved, unless stated otherwise via credit to another. Questions about usage of our written work, or photos?  Please contact us. We are always happy to help out others.  please contact  1 (306) 922-4510

Please Note: We are not provincially, or federally funded. We work to support the outreach work, any programs, and the wolves out of our own pockets, NOT the other way around Through your sponsorship and buying wolf gifts from us, you are not supporting US the human caretakers, any funds ALWAYS 100% go towards future educational programs, & expansion/enrichment for the wolves only, we work jobs like everyone else to support ourselves. The wolves are not bred for profit, nor do we make a living off their lives. We believe if wild has to be in captivity, that they should have jobs to help their wild brethren via educating with their wild messages. We believe in keeping wild; wild and thus actively participate via partaking ourselves in, and financially supporting other worthy wildlife rehab organizations, & wildlife/habitat conservation organizations.