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Skylar Dec. 09'

MY name is Skylar I am the founder, and Director of A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Encounter.   This page is to allow the public to get to meet me in a round about way, to allow a peek into my world and life, and to help inspire others to get  out and truly LIVE. I have been working one on one with wolves while still a teen in high school, and know how fortunate I have been. I literally get hundreds of e-mails, phone calls and snail mail letters from all over the world asking various questions, thus I created this page. I love people, I love hearing about their journeys, their trials and tribulations. Everyone truly does have an amazing story to tell if we listen openly and with pure intent.  I don't live an average typical life, I never have, and I believe we all have the tools to create in our lives what we dream and envision. 
I feel within Jane Goodalls passion and environmental outlook, with more than a touch of Steve Irwin's wild and youthful charisma.
Every sunrise, I do indeed feel our souls rejoice, and are reborn, and I know mine is consistently evolving. None of us are who we were even 5 days ago, let alone years.
When we seek out experiences, we change as we move. When we share ourselves and our stories we in essence become both teacher and student. As we grow more humble, tis then we allow true wisdom to gain hold.
Before getting into my question and answer section here, please sit back and enjoy this special tribute written to me by a special woman named Willie Robertson.  Thank you Willie!
The Goddess looks down from the Heavens to Earth
And sees on a ridge--one Lone Wolf.
To his mate he howls for he fears she is gone--
But the Goddess guides her to him,
They will meet at the break of dawn.
From her eye drops a tear for the plight of the wolves,
She worries will this beautiful creature disappear from her Earth.
As she watches the wolves cry in the night-
A kiss from her lips, to them she gives flight.
The ache in her heart so strong as she looks down-
The mist opens up to a plot of Canadian ground.
And there like an Angel a woman stands-
So steadfast, so strong, alongside with her man.
To the Wolves she is a saint
her heart overflows with Love-
Her name is Skylar
She was blessed from above.
A twinkle comes back to the Goddess' Eye
For she knows for the Wolves this woman would die.
In her infinite wisdom a blessing she bestows-
To Skylar and her Wolves as the morning sun glows.
The Wolf and his mate walk side by side
This vision forever burned into the Goddess' Eye.
A Whisper on the breeze to Skylar she sends-
Know this my Angel when your time on Earth comes to an end-
"A Place in the Heavens I hold just for you
For the wonderful things in your life that you do-
A place for you and the wolves forever will be,
Together in Peace, Your Spirits entwined for all to see"
The Goddess has Spoken-
  So Mote it Be
Written by Willie(Wilma) Robertson

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Sky and Legend
summer 2010







In the wild, wolves operate out of respect for the hierachy, which remains flexible throughout all the pack members lives. In captivity, even though I am not a wolf, sometimes humans can fall under wolf *rules*, and it is best you operate with the same amount of respect, while knowing you are not a wolf.  If you ever watch children and authority figures, you will notice something about a child's posture around an adult that stands above, looking down upon them, the child will naturally display feeling threatened through their body language. With wolves it is the same way as I deal with children, I get down at their level, and let them come to me. This shows the wolf or child, "Hey! I am not trying to intimidate you, I am not  meaning you harm, I respect you."





Sky and Northern Lights Legend share a moment


 Peace Seeker embrace your Authentic Self. Trust in your Soul's Wisdom. Believe in your dreams and yourself, and forget about others perceptions and expectations of you. Don't deny your own uniqueness in your quest to conform.    Remember back, through a child's wondrous eye, and you shall rediscover your inherent self. Remember you only fail, if you don't get back up when you fall.  Honor your strengths as we all have them. Don't let the ego over power, and become you. Remember one of the greatest gifts you can give is a smile, so don't forget to do it often for it is Universal. It is all within, all the answers you seek, sometimes you need only embrace the silence in order to hear, and find them. It is true you become how you live.  So reclaim your Authentic Self.
The pilgrimage to the true self is fraught with land mines to dance through barefooted!
Skylar Breton


Questions and Answer Period
1) Q: How did you get involved with wolves? :
 My introduction to handling wild zoo babies started as a young child for me, I was given opportunities to bottle-feed lions, tigers and bears oh MY! I was a VERY shy introverted child, animals both domestic and wild fascinated me! I felt a great bond and kinship with all living things great and small from pet frogs and ants to dogs and cats.  My journeys on a daily basis were magical, and I could not wait to get home from school to venture out on my trusty bicycle, to see what new and exciting wonders I could discover for that day.  This was a world I did not fear. 
My world would collide as a teen with a wolf called Farley, he was a captive wolf in horrible conditions, but I was not licensed for such wildlife. I would take the long hours necessary, and drive to visit him, all along thinking of ways to rescue him from this fate worse than death, this was no well organized zoo where the welfare of the animals took priority. He was housed in a cage* 10 by 15* had a mesh roof and the floor was caging /mesh material.  Everytime I got home after a visit I would write notes of my shared time with him.
This started me on my quest to get licensed, unfortunately this owner put him on the selling block to the highest bidder, being so young we went as high as we could, and we thought we had actually bid his freedom, but to no avail, he was sold last minute to some inadequate private zoo, and I never saw him again.
 My love and respect of wolves was no more, nor less than my love and respect of say gorillas or dolphins, in fact as a youngster I desired greatly to work with gorillas and dolphins both .  I still do. Who knows maybe someday, the world does work in amazing ways, and anything becomes possible once we open ourselves up to it's gifts. I wanted to either become a Zookeeper, Veterinarian, Conservation officer, or a Wildlife biologist.  I attained licensing while still a teen. When I started to work at the local large public zoo as a young girl, bringing various wild animals like a python and hawk around the k-12 school system giving educational talks, on not only the biology of the animal involved, but habitat.  I knew I had found my calling.
My education, as part of being a director of an ever expanding facility is on going however, and I am a proud member of The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society Of Saskatchewan where I am working towards my official certification as a wildlife rehabber in 08'.

Skylar and Legend

2) Q: Why do you have wolves in captivity? Are they your pets?
This is another frequent question posed of me. First off no wild animals would be necessary to really have in captivity unless they were orphaned/needed rehabilitation.  But the facts are habitat is being destroyed at an all time high, various wild species around the world are losing their homes. Some species your children will never get to see in their lifetime, nor will some even care that much because they have never seen, nor learned about the animal to care. 
Zoos/Educational facilities came about to create awareness, and help educate the public on the amazing disappearing wild wonders out there, and what better way to help get something protected, than to allow people to see up close and in person the animals themselves. What people make a more personal connection with , they help to save and put forth extra energy to do so. However this is why you simply do not want the public to view a wild animal in a cage, devoid of enrichment and stimulation in it's life, (such as Farleys story) you want visitors to learn about, and connect with the NATURAL wild habitats and environment that surrounds them, for it is THERE where truly such wild animals can be saved (land protection.)
 It does no good to simply say we are saving any animal in the wild by simply holding it in captivity, and breeding it to simply be placed in other holding facilities if such animals are not actually being saved in the wild, and their wild homes protected *first and formost.* We must not forget all the smaller things that hold up the larger things such as wetlands that support frogs and fish.  The first sign of wild land in crisis is the lack of frogs.  Though in Canada wolves are not considered endangered *yet*,  (although CDN Arctic wolves could be classified as At Certain Risk) they are highly misunderstood, and so many myths surround this much needed predator of the eco system. 
Many people may never even hear a wild wolf howl, some may never care to. But there are some who will benefit from getting to meet a wolf in person, it will allow a break through of the mythical and unjust portrayal of what wolves are truly all about.
What one understands, they no longer fear.
 What one no longer fears, one no longer hates.
What one no longer hates, they no longer wish to exterminate.
As far as the wolves being my pets , no... we do not treat any of the *wolves* that reside here as *pets,* the way you treat your dog as a pet.   The wolves that reside at AWA are raised from the time they were but days of age, (except for any adult rescues that may come in) I am a part of their family, and consider myself a friend, a steward. I personally never lose sight of who they are, but neither do I lose sight of who or what any individual creature is, including all the human animals I meet.  I also know someday there will come a time where I will no longer hear *their* songs right outside my door, where I will grow old, be sitting in a rocking chair hoping to catch a glimpse or hear a wild song to remind me of my past journeys, whispering to myself what a ride. 

Sky on Mountain Bike at AWA

3) Q: Is it hard to work with wolves?
Yes and No. Emotionally it can be at times when dealing with prejudice and bias all around, AWA resides in an area where people are very much against wolves.  They do not  understand the animals thus they have fear and hatred. Maybe I am supposed to be living in the area I do for a reason, I don't know. I get a lot of ignorant based questions and I have to remain calm and professional in the face of such ignorance. Even many Conservation officers completely misunderstand these animals. If you treat any animal like it is a dangerous wild animal it will act appropriately.
Though I am not ignorant to a wolf's potential and capabilities, I also understand wild canid ethology and respect these animals at all time. As far as physically it does take a LOT of physical work to build habitats, shelters, enrichment, clean the habitats on a daily basis make sure they have clean and enough water at all times, and that they are happy. Financially it is extremely expensive, thousands have been spent with nothing that has come in to support the work we have done. Its all come out of pocket. I am hoping that one day this will change and enough donations will come in to cover the outreach , feed, habitat enrichment and building costs.   Volunteers are very important to our work!

Skylar and Tibet

4) Q: Why do you like wolves?
I treasure and value all life, not just wolves. Wolves are an independant creature like humans, whom form bonds and create families. I do love wolves specifically to answer your question directly, because they have taught me the art of patience, and respect. They have pushed me to understand canids in a way, and to see into a world I never saw just dealing with domestic dogs.  I have had to earn their respect and trust. They are an animal that portray the true wild within us all, and they have allowed me to reach deep within my own psyche and pull that untamed person to the light of day where she once hid in the shadows. They have been some of my greatest teachers about myself and about others, they have allowed me to bear witness to hatred, prejudice, and misunderstanding, thus I thoroughly understand this when I see it in every day life, when another human being treats another badly because they are different, and misunderstood. They have helped to connect me with my inner music, and they have allowed me to touch my own soul.  I will be forever grateful.

Skylar and Legend


5) Q: Wolves sound amazing can I have one as a pet?
Just because an animal may be amazing does not make them pet material. Wolves regardless of being handraised, retain all their wild tendencies that made them what they are *predators* and still wild.  Not to mention they are illegal to have as *pets*, and illegal to hold period unless the person/facility is licensed and have the right type of containment and experience /understanding to work with such a complex intelligent creature. If you really love wolves go to my section how to help it gives a list of things you can do to help wild wolves out. (If) you are passionate about working *with* wild animals including wolves, then please go to the section Animal Careers on this site. My own goals and intent in getting involved with wildlife started very young and I never wanted a *pet* tiger or *wolf*. My goal all along has been based on education, and environmental preservation.
6) Q: What do you get out of doing this? 
(Insert laughter here)...Well the only thing I get out of doing what I am doing as you state ;0) , ( *educating* about an animal that evokes so many different reactions and feelings, to the point I have had some people scream at me in hatred due to working with these guys, and ignorant remarks such as one day they'll eat you)  is knowing that perhaps those children who are left with a positive experience will grow up have children of their own and pass on that information. 


7) What do you envision for the future? 
I *personally* am a simple person that takes my life by the moment and by the day.  However as the director of AWA, the professional outlook is continuing to grow AWA's programs and experiences.
outlook/mission and visionary goals  (please click on link to learn about AWA's indepth plan.
  I believe I am guided by unseen hands, and I walk in the direction I am meant.   It all takes a huge financial/emotional commitment and dedication and that road has been extremely long and tiring. On another side note; I am heavily involved in the spiritual side to my life.  I have studied under the ways of Buddhism for a number of years now, and hope someday a spiritual retreat can be built on the land for those wishing to just get away to an inner calm, and center within. Life has brought some amazing friends into my life *Buddhist monks* and other fellow buddhists, I feel these are definately signs pointing me in the direction my facility should head. Stay tuned to the growth.


8) Q: Your not a conventional animal behaviorist, what would you say to any critics? 
The work I do is far from conventional, and no normal person decides to shares his or her life with wolves.. In a day and age where there is so much discord, and disconnection from the self, from our spirit, from nature and wildlife, to connect it all together into one world has not been easy.  I get some people thinking I must be flat out crazy, but for those whom have walked away having learned, truly learned something, not only about wolves… but about themselves, and for those kids I have seen be touched in ways conventional methods could not reach; I know it’s the right path. 
 I encourage youth to become eco warriors! The letters I have received, the phone calls from around the world and all the amazing people that have graced my life, it’s all due to the roads I have chosen to trek since childhood. My life consists of so many variables, and it is far from all about wolves. I am a free spirit, and share my world with free spirits. 
I don’t journey paths most trodden, (I know many animal pioneers way before my time went through similar challenges) thus I have experienced things and will continue to experience things that only a truly open mind, heart, and soul can experience. And let me tell you its one heck of a thrilling ride. We truly do not know what is most important until faced with situations that challenge us as sentient beings.  Many people are caught up in chasing monetary possessions, stuff, what they can get and what they can possess; so much so they forget to nurture their soul, the most important of all things.
If tomorrow one were to lose all their stuff what would they have left in this life? Talk to a person whom has lived or grown up in a war torn area, talk to a concentration camp survivor, and one will truly know what loss is about, and in the end, you are faced with just what becomes the most important in this life…Your spirit. Stuff is just stuff, it can be attained again, but lose your soul, lose your spirit you truly do lose everything. 
To any critics, YES some days I dance with the wolves, sing with the wolves, walk with the wolves, they have been but one kind of teacher in my life that has helped me to continue to not only think outside the box, but step on the box.  I am constantly challenged in various ways through my daily interactions with them, and on a daily basis I can walk away having learned something new. 
I am proud to be non conventional despite some of the pains that has brought into my life off and on through out. But I take every lesson as a gift; I take the good and not so good things that occur in life, and make them a part of the journey and my story. 
 Does this mean I lose sight of the kind of animal I work with along with all its natural inherent behaviors? NO, I am well aware I work with wild animals, but I have worked hard to combine and apply more than just the scientific and practical in my dealings with an animal that evokes so many different feelings in people.
 I have never been a typical person, nor do I live my life typically. I don’t wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to wolves; they are a perfect predator, a perfect creation of what they were made to be …wolves. But they are also as deserving as any other sentient being that lives on this miracle planet we call Earth of our respect. 
On a daily basis I look in the mirror to assess just WHO I am, how I am evolving and growing within myself. I feel honored to have captured glimpses and lasting memories of an animal that has shared in my tears, my tragedies, my smiles, my laughter, and my life.  I know from the time I was yee high to a grasshopper, that I would be combining being an artist, working with youth, and working with wildlife into one world.
Don’t ever allow anyone, tell you there is any such thing as mission impossible. Life is about possibilities, and dreams; it is about living whilst alive and dreaming whilst awake.


9) Q: When not working with wolves what other things do you do?
When not working in the professional field. You can find me doing one of my many passions like mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, swimming, writing/singing, dancing, and creating. My spiritual endeavors take me farther into understanding not only myself but also others I come into contact with on a daily basis; I believe that what you put out into the ethers, (energy) will be matched in kind. Humans are spirit and energy carried within a precious vessel… our bodies. I work on not just the physical parts of myself daily, but also the emotional/mental and the spiritual, so my entire being exists in harmony. If one is out of balance the other parts may suffer in some way. I make sure I never lose sight of what is TRULY and purely important. Every sunrise I wake feeling my soul has been reborn and to take on the day anew, to look at all things as if for the first time. All experiences and people that come into my life are treated as gifts, and in honor.

Sky and Kayak

10) Q: Did you have any idols growing up? 
Yes! I looked up to pioneering women such as Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey, these women showed the world that a woman is capable of ANYTHING. That when you believe, that belief can take you through the hardest of paths chosen. I wanted to be Diane Fossey and Jane Goodall, and though I will never get to meet or see Diane Fossey speak, due to her being murdered for a cause she greatly believed in.  I have been honored to be able to see Jane speak at a wonderful seminar here. Her life reflects my own in sooo many ways, I find myself just nodding to all she has to say, from the environment to how we treat other life on this planet. Jane has also started a new progam called roots n shoots where she is reaching out to the next generation, her mission is a never ending quest to raise awareness in the young. Please visit her site  I guess I consider myself the wolfwoman version of Jane
11) Q: Do you sell  wolf pups to the public, can I have one?
No, never. AWA does not breed and sell pure wolf pups to the general public. Wolves are not dogs, they are cute when young but by even 6 weeks of age, all their natural wild instincts and intense behaviors appear, and one quickly realizes with the similarities to their domestic dog comes GREAT differences as well. There are many other options for companion animals available, wolfie looking dogs that are legal to have.   Please go here for more info. on captive wolves as *pets* 


12) Q: What is the difference between your wolves and wolves I see in the wild or at other zoos?
 The biggest difference is my socialization program and how they are *treated* from the time they are infants. AWA has a unique philosophy and approach, when it comes to how wild animals are raised here (nurturing.) Though they are still respected for their (the wolves') own rules of engagment of *being /acting wolf* (nature), they are not kept *wild acting* in a domestic environment. 
Wolf pups are raised indoors /outdoors for a good 5 months with a domestic dog and around lots of people, before being placed permanently outdoors. They are socialized to a lead, and collar, and going to the vet, they are not simply put into a cage and allowed to just be. Their socialization process is ongoing throughout their lives, and they are never moved or transferred to another facility. 
Wolves bond to their main caretakers for life.  Though still considered wild animals, the wolves that reside at AWA have never known the wild.  They are not the same as if I was to take an already mature grown wolf pack, and place them in captivity, as their nurturing was completely different than my captive wild residents. They are bottle-raised by humans and then placed back with adults once fully socialized to humans. 
They also are a bit different to a lot different depending on the animals own individual personality, with people they did not bond to when young, so if any new person were to become a caretaker here, the animals would not act the EXACT same way as they do with any people who raised them.  I would never allow any other strange caretaker in alone with any of the animals.  The wolves would have to be placed in a lock out area if any habitats are cleaned etc. if managment were not present. Where as for myself (management) I go in there on a daily basis due to my close relationship, built on trust from the time they are young. 
 Due to AWA not being as large like Wolf Park, larger pack situations are not created here.  It is best to keep in mind every wolf that is added to a *pack*, will have an affect on the dynamics of that pack and there will be a shift in hierarchy
Summary:  My relationship with the wolves is not a clinical based one.
For more info. on techniques used in captive rearing wolves successfully in captivity pleae go to 
A Wolf Adventure has their ethology series. You can find those here  
Wolf Park has been a leading edge wolf facility for over 25 years, and is a place where one can get up close and personal with the wolves in a professional environment. Erich Klinghammer at Wolf Park is someone I look up to personally, and will never forget his rememberable phone call to me that lasted  for a few hours, and the *gifts* he sent me from his facility as a young girl starting out, it meant the WORLD, and I felt most honored.

Sky and Legend

13) How are you helping the wild wolf by having wolves in captivity?
I hold no illusions about just how limited my work is when it comes to helping save wild wolves through operating a wolf facility.  I am not out there in the field the way a wolf biologist is working on behalf of *wild* wolf surivival and or recovery (yet.) Although I am still out in the field researching & studying the way a naturalist does. I support financially various wildlife organizations, I am involved with wildlife rehab, I educate and teach about wolves and habitat whilst using the captive wolf ambassadors, within a natural wild setting. My own educational attainment schooling wise and learning is ongoing and constant. BUT it is also why I encourage people to keep the wild, in the wild and to focus on how to go about doing that, over top of simply when it is too late having to capture animals from the wild for breeding programs. Most captive breeding programs are simply keeping wild animals in captivity and not placing them back out into their natural environment, expecially if their natural environment no longer exists in it's true glory. 


We Are All Students, that never stop learning.

We are all Teachers that never stop teaching.

So lets come together and learn from each other.

I'm a little gal, all 5' 1 inches of me, and as you can see it is not the most important of aspects here when it comes to working with wolves, but a true understanding and respect for the animal is.  

 I do feel privileged, to be where I am, at the same time it has taken a lot of sacrifice, heart, dedication, and not to mention $,  to care adequately and provide for such high maintenance animals.  

Wolves require daily enrichment of their environment to keep them from getting bored as they are highly intelligent. It all takes an inventive mind and knowledge of the animals needs and wants, physically and mentally. I feel the wildlife and nature I am surrounded by has helped to keep me grounded and in check spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. I am honored to be in a front row seat to one of the greatest shows on earth...LIFE.   

I am a HUGE environmentalist/conservationist, not the whacked out over the edge type of person people like to joke about, but I am a tree hugger and proud of it! I recycle anything and everything I can.  

Such as bringing my own fabricated grocery bags into the stores to reduce plastic in the land fills,  is simply a way of life. (Did you know plastic bags are made from oil? did you know that plastic bags kill wildlife? )

Running most of our converted vehicles off of (bio-diesel), implementing a windmill and solar power to generate energy (the cabins getting there *grin* slowly) and anything alternative that will help the environment to soften our own ecological footprint, is either being practiced, or being set up to. 

  I grew up around, and getting the opportunity to interact with various wild animals and it helped to shape my future direction and path as an adult. 


 literally grew up in nature, it was one of THE biggest teachers in my life and helped to foster compassion, respect for self and others, tolerance, understanding,  kindness, and empathy. They are tools of vital importance to me and I use them on a daily basis with people, situations, and experiences. 
I have an ongoing and passionate love affair and romance with my natural environment. Like an old faithful friend, that never lets me down.
Whenever I view anger, jealousy, vindictiveness in another I feel I am viewing forms of pain, and though anger has it's place within us all and can be constructively used, if it gets out of hand it become the worst destructive force of ones life. And like anything nurtured, good or bad, such things will grow sure as the sun will come up tomorrow.
I think all things carry a lesson and it is up to each and everyone of us to either get that, or continue to be closed off to those lessons.  They are everywhere and they are daily.  How we choose to react to the person, situation, experience, emotion,  be it an overbearing boss, or co-worker, a death, a rape, a disease, and more!! will drastically affect who we are inside.
Either over time we will become that of which we think about and react to negatively, for example we become the disease itself, or the emotion itself, and let it defeat us, use the disease or emotion as a crux to fail, or we will rise from those ashes like the phoenix to shine, and live, become more humble while becoming stronger, and wise. 
Sometimes there does indeed *appear* to be no meaning to something tragic that happens (I KNOW) But lessons are not always apparent, and some are soooo much harder to see than others may be.
For some it will literally take years for the aha moment in time when you do get it , and usually it comes naturally to you , you will not have to sit down and scrutinize every little thing that happened.  Have you ever noticed the harder you try to understand something the more blurry it can become? The harder you think, the harder it is to see clearly?  
I was sexually assaulted, not once but twice in my short life.  I openly will discuss this *now,* but it took time. I tried to simply put it aside into the dark corners of the mind to collect cobwebs, this does not work.  I then started to talk to myself, and wrote out in a daily journey journal all the various happenings, and emotional stages I was going through at the time, and did not deny myself those feelings. I think when we say a certain feeling is *bad* or *wrong,* we deny a vital part of ourselves. I had to embrace those feelings /emotions I most hated/resented, and even feared in order to start healing.
If I feel the anger then I embrace it, and say it is alright to *feel* it, likewise with sadness or happiness.  I choose which paths to take, and keep lasting faith they are ones I need to tek for the moment.  Though I will admit it is  not they are not always the easiest of roads, there were then, and still are potholes along the way, I fill them in as I ride along, and fix the flat tires my bike may get, and continue to journey.  I will not allow those things, beyond human control to *control* me. 
When I look back at my life even as young as I am, I feel like I have lived the lives of a thousand people experience wise, and many tragic experiences to tell, but I see them all now as part of *MY* journey, to help make up who ***I AM***I lived and survived, and will continue to do so, against any and all odds
We all are students, we all are teachers, there is a time to guide and a time to be guided.
Are there truly right or truly wrong choices?  Or are they simply what they be ...choices.  Sometimes they lead us to what we desire, sometimes to what we need, sometimes to something unwanted. But the beauty of choices, is that there will always be other ones to make. We all have to find ourselves on the unwanted end of results from such choices, in order to truly understand the meaning and inherent value of those things we do receive as gifts.
I call myself a naturalist peace seeker, perhaps because I have come up against so much turmoil throughout my life as to have drown many times over had I not forced myself to swim. 
    I love people, I love nature, I love life, and believe since we never know how much time we have, that to live the day, the hour, the minute to it's fullest advantage is divine. Tomorrow is not granted, but today, this moment is a gift. Living does not mean to act  recklessly during that time, but to use this life the best way I can, does it work for me? does it work for others around me?
You can never tell someone how much they mean, too many times.
To treat the land with honor, to listen to it's secrets long ago past, and learn from it's many lessons, is a part of the journey we all must take however the paths differ from each other.
We all love, cry, feel frustration/desperation,anger and happiness, elation and all time lows,  how we manage to cope and deal with all the many experiences we shall go through, will depend on how strong ones belief and faith is, no matter the form that belief or faith takes. I know one thing...YOU are NOT alone with ANY problem or issue you may face.
 Each day I make a promise to myself to learn something, to take something from the day and treasure it, to treat others with as much kindness and respect as possible, even on days when I myself feel horrible.
We never know when we will need someone to understand, and feel for our own situation, so to be kind when another is down and out is simply adding to your own soul, and you may just make another friend or even save a life. Never give for the sake of getting back in this life, but give for the mere gift of giving.
The giving can take many forms and may consist of mere recognition of another human being in this world. By simply saying hi and smiling,  to a check -out cashier, or someone you meet in line at the grocery store, of perhaps taking some homeless person out for a warm lunch.
And Don't forget
1) If you fall down you do not fail if you get back up, if you lose at anything be it a big game, a desired job, etc  don't lose that lesson!  There is always another door to open when one closes. So you get a little dusty, maybe even a bit bruised, pull your boots up, dust yourself off and live to ride that horse again.
2) We all like to get what we want in life be. But please keep in mind to give thanks to those unanswered prayers as they may indeed be gifts in disguise.
3) If you make a mistake, don't feel foolish about it everyone makes mistakes. Make amends to the situation or person and pat yourself on the back for realizing that mistake and having the courage to take action. If someone around you wants to take advantage of such courage to call you down for it, simply smile and continue to journey forward. You only have control over your own actions and reactions. And are they truly mistakes? choices are what they are, and lead to various results and paths. Sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we get what we need. The beauty of life is that there is choices!
4) Take time out every day to nurture the self, and the soul. Spend that time alone. You are no good to anyone, nor can you truly love someone else the way they deserve if you do not first LIKE who you are. Don't short change YOURself. The greatest gift you can give another is a whole person. When you like yourself, you then understand what it means to truly like, and love another.
5) Remember there is a time for everything and silence can be golden. When you find yourself chatting up a storm with another person, keep in mind you may miss out on something important by simply listening. Listening truly can create bridges to understanding another person/situation/experience.
6) Keep an open heart and mind to changes, but be cautious about compromising your most valued ethics and beliefs in order to receive, and embrace open-ness. Keep in mind along the way that when something is denied, and we close ourselves off to change in the name of those beliefs, that our beliefs about ourselves, about others, about anything in LIFE are subject to err, and change when we are given more information or as gain more information in which to process. 
7) Share your World, your Life Experiences and Knowledge with others. Pass on such  treasures, so as to not have them lost forever to future generations. Life truly is in the journey itself.
8) Be kind and gentle in your approach to the earth and all it's habitants. Empathy creates rainbows from the worst of storms.
9) Relationships take time and nurturing to grow. Plant the seed of compassion, patience, respect, and kindness,  water it daily, and take care to not let it become too dry and wither, or to rot at the roots of their existence.   If this happens perhaps you loved too much or loved too little.
10) Fear can control and even rule our decisions in life.  Fear of death, fear of success, fear of not succeeding, fear of love, fear of no love, fear of power, fear of poverty. There are more fears than one can possibly control without it being a full time job.  Accept that there are things one cannot control except the fear itself.
11) Choices, are simply what they are... choices we make at any given turn or path. Sometimes that choice and path leads us to that which we desire and long for most in life. Sometimes the choices lead us to tears and upset. Be aware that how we react emotionally and physically to the results brought on by the choice, can either lead us to success or lead us to more tears and upset.  It truly is up to YOU.
12) LAUGH even when you don't feel like it. LAUGH and the feelings will follow.  Laughter is timeless and ageless.







A wolf pup at the ranch pictured at 14 days and 21 days

What a job!

Raising intelligent animals like wolves is hard work, they are always keeping you on your toes, and making sure you are aware. I always say if a person is not honest about having these kinds of animals the animals will FORCE the person to get honest real fast!..In order for wolves to be socialized enough as adults to people, places, a variety of experiences they must be pulled from their mother (even if the mother is social herself) at 10-12 days of age. (This of course is neither a noble or fun task to do) however if left with the mother like domestic dog puppies they will be too wild to handle. The good news is they do get placed back with adults while still pups approx 4 1/2 months of age,and they do get daily interactions starting much younger.   I have had to spend every single minute 24 hours  a day with the pup(s) for the first crucial month of their life so if I go out they go with me in a snuggly, young pups prior to a few weeks of age cannot control their body temperatures so overheating and getting too cold can be a serious problem. Due care and attention at all times to such a fragile vulnerable pup MUST be paid.  A person has to understand how much to feed, how often, the right kind of formula to use. There is a LOT to raising any kind of wild animal.  They have taught me the meaning of the word patience in SPADES needless to say.

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