Spiritual Sojourn at A Wolf Adventure


My entire life has been spent on a journey of the spirit , I embrace this way of life passionately as there is nothing of more importance, than to nurture ones soul.  Gifts and miracles abound everywhere in our lives. We here at A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Encounter are greatly honored to have had Buddhist forest monks reside at our ranch, and camp on our sacred grounds we call home, for the entire month of July. What an honor they wanted to come here and grace us with their peace and wisdom.  With nightly dhamma talks and meditations what can come closer to peace? It was one of the greatest months of my life, and we look forward to them trekking back up to Canada for 2008.  Enjoy some great pictures from this memorable journey.  Thank you my teachers. Thank you Nate and XQ as well, we love you, life is truly amazing and a wonder, people are brought into our lives for a reason.
I meet many wandering lost souls in life, whom carry hatred in their hearts for no other reason than the ego, most people don't even know why they hate they simply do, and with anything that grows stronger when nurtured, *good and not so good* the reasons behind the ego emotions become lost, and then people are hating for the simple fact they cant remember how not to.
When you carry toxic emotions , you essentially become that which your thoughts create become toxic.
Reminds me of a couple of lines fom a  song I wrote
"So many dreams a long time ago he wonders what happened to them all, he lived his life asleep in the light, blinded by the darkness  in his soul. It's true you become how you live, and it's only as good as you give."


building the meditation platform at WEV






Lou w monks

View from monks campsite at A Wolf Adventure


working on the meditation platform at WEV

Lou with monks at base camp at WolfEchoValley (WEV

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