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~Tibet Night Song~Tibet is a beautiful black phase wolf that was born May 4th of 2001. Though she has been very ill all her life, Tibet truly inspires all whom meet her, and remind all that come in contact with this very special untamed spirit and force, that no matter the circumstances in life, good and not so good, there is always a way.


Her song can light up even the darkest of nights, with energy that dances amongst the brightest of the northern lights, in the sky. Tibet has a wild message, and wishes to remind you to stay in touch with all things sacred.  

Baby Tibet 21 days old











Skylar and Tibet





Captive cross between different subspecies 
 British columbian wolf (canis lupus columbianus) and
Arctic wolf (canis lupus arctos) 
 Tibet Night Song is aptly named in honor of the Dalai Lama , she is an amazing black phase wolf. She was born spring 2001. Tibet will continue to phase silvery white all over throughout her life, all black phase wolves are born dark black.  We here at AWA bottle-fed her from but days of age.  She came to us with  serious health issues that many times almost took her soul, so I spent many a late night nursing her, caring for her and that care has been non stop throughout her short life. I believe our communication to be on another level even....Our bond is unbreakable.
Her songs have lighted up many a face, and her spirit cannot help but make you want to dance. She instigates all howling sessions out here. When she is going through a bad episode with her disease all songs seem to stop here on the Ranch, noone sings. There is silence as Tibet goes through that struggle to hold on.  She is on two different medications and other supplements for the duration of her life, however long that is granted to her. Please read my dedication to Tibet below.  I am honored to share her world and call her friend.
I have always joked however that if someone ever tried to steal her from her fort knox home at the Ranch, within ten minutes they would return her anyway, for as sweet as she *can* be, she retains all her wild instincts, and that instinct is VERY well honed and still vey much... INTENSE.
If she does not wish to do something, even if you try and convince her to do it, *through perhaps reward*, she will let you know in know in no uncertain terms that she will not do it, and trust me you do not want to get into a boxing match with a wolf. ;0) 
Tibet like ALL wolves, definitely has her own mind and is NO DOG. In the wrong inexperienced hands, wolves can suffer greatly emotionally (due to the caretaker not understanding a wolfs needs for the right kind of enrichment), and physically (due to not understanding a wolfs need for the right kind of exercise and stimulation ) nutritionally (which would affect a wolf physically, which would eventually lead to other negative side effects) 
  If a wolf's needs are not met they can act out in various ways such as 
increased aggressiveness,
self mutilation,
increased stress levels,
consistent escapes,
 As well as the caretaker placing themselves into potential harms way through misunderstanding such a complex animal. 
Wolves placed into situations where they are subjected to living a life they were not meant to live *as a pet* or *in a dog run/pen/cage* like many dogs are raised, in someone's back yard, this perfect predator is being forced to compromise a part of themselves, and sadly many times become a puppet and pawn.
A Wolf Adventure wishes to discourage such practices.






Ancient Eyes
They say that the eyes are a pathway to the soul, if true Tibet, then your soul speaks many a story. Your eyes tell of those tales so long ago past, that though your physical presence may not have experienced in this lifetime, your soul truly has.  For Tibet your eyes are ancient, and your wisdom infinite.
From the moment I held you in my arms and you sang your first song, those eyes held mystery, for I heard and sensed  archaic remnants  beyond even my understanding. I have come so far myself from a girl to a young woman in that time period, I look back and think wow...have you really trekked with me this far already?
Doctors pretty much gave you a death sentence. Many times indeed it did appear you were the walking dead, when  you refused to eat no matter what. And your ghostly spirit was but inches from your body ready to depart. But your eyes, it was your eyes that kept speaking in primevil tongues.  There were no words, but an energy, and this energy knew how to survive instinctually.
Those eyes and that energy are Prehistoric and primordial. They touch your inner most places, and there is no place in which you can hide from that gaze,  once it touches you.  Those eyes do indeed pierce your soul deeper than any physical piercing.
The times I tried to hold back my tears from you, only to break down holding you, the flood gates would push forth and felt like they would never stop. I had no human friends rallying around me, or to hold me when I needed most to believe, I think many felt because you are not a human, how could another human feel so much for another not of their own kind. but Tibet even though you were a source of the very weakness I felt I hated, I guess you held me as I held you, for you became a source of the very strength, I also so cherish.
You became by default my teacher, not just my student. You are my own kind Tibet, as everything is connected.  Lose any of those precious links that is all life, and the human animals soul as well will die. This I surely know as the sun will set tonight and rise in the morn.
When a storm would rage I could not help but be entranced and mezmerized, for to appreciate and truly understand the beauty and essence of a rainbow, one must also embrace the turbulance and turmoil, and allow it to envelop you.  So I looked for the rainbows in the midst of those storms to help see me through. I took those storms and turned them into lessons, and yes... even gifts.
For a soul so young, how come when I look into those eyes, they feel SO OLD?  Tibet you continue to be a riddle.  A riddle where I don't even wish to solve.  People have studied wolves for centuries and still there are pieces to a puzzle I pray will never be complete, for what is beauty without mystery and intrigue?  So many try and uncover ALL  the WHYS to your kin.  I have to ask myself WHY must everything in life be so thoroughly taken apart?
When you were very young, I fretted to allow you out of my sight for fear, you would be gone in the next moment.  But I now know, I need not worry...your soul and spirit shall always be with me no matter. That I dance with you little wolf in my heart, always.  That your essence resides in ALL, just as my own does.
 I never owned you, you are always free to leave.  Anyone who truly knows a wolfs capability, also know I could build twenty foot walls and if you desired to leave, you could. There is nothing you cannot climb out of, or even chew through.  But you do choose to stay.
How can I not be honored to have shared my life with you? How can I not fall daily onto my knees in awe, and not be humbled to be in your very presence?
A wolfs purpose is to be a wolf...that choice was taken from you before you were born, that is true. Many things in life occur where choices are made, that may affect what we do in our lives, resulting in things we may not have wanted. But even though, Tibet I do try my very best to allow  you to still be YOU and I dont try and train that out of you, or break that spirit. 
I don't want to hold you so I can have a piece of the wild, I literally live IN THE WILD, and long before you came into my life. My own spirit is most untamed, I dont need another wild animal to teach me how to live that way. In order for me to feel *connected* to the land and all it's inhabitants.
But you are in my life through various circumstances and choices, and that cannot be undone now. But I made promises to you, and your wild born kin, that I will continue to keep as long as my own life endures. I love you no more nor no less than I love all things that exist, I will continue to show that love not just by doing good by you, but by doing good by life itself.
You stand in places, I will never truly understand  and see things I will never see, at least not through ancient eyes.






Tibet with black phase pup




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