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Namaste', Welcome To A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Encounter.
 A Provincially licensed, Wolf OutReach and Eco Discovery Center. Nestled within an amazing pristine forest setting in North Central Sask. Canada, AWA is home not only to an amazing diverse eco system, but some special bottle-raised captive wolf ambassadors, including the elusive and rare subspecies of Gray Wolf (The Arctic Wolf) Canis lupus arctos. 
WolfEcho Valleys A Wolf Adventure, A Wild Encounter is proud to be a supporting member of the (WRSOS)
American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK)
Wolf Adventure is a one of a kind, and the only legal and licensed wolf center in the Province, and one of but a few in all of Canada that fosters, stimulates and promotes a healthy respect of wildlife and surrounding habitat. We believe the only true way to attain an understanding of the importance of conservation, is through education.  
OutReach=Education=Power of Knowledge=Desire to Conserve & Preserve=
A Wild Wisdom and Insight
Wolves remain one of the most highly misunderstood creatures, and the myths abound of just what this feared predator is truly all about.  Ask two different people and you usually get two different answers. Through educating with our captive wild, yet socialized ambassadors, they give the public an opportunity to see up close and in person what a wolf is, and what they are not.  It is our hopes that what people understand, they help to protect.
BUT it is more than just being able to see a wolf in captivity, that helps people to get involved with saving them. I don't think people connect with any wild animal, and wish to help protect them in the their natural habitat, unless they also make an emotional connection to the natural wild lands, in which those wild animals reside. 
This is where truly A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Encounter is unique as they help visitors to also *make that connection* and walk away with more than simply seeing a wolf in a cage, which does nothing ultimately to foster a true wild wisdom. Visitors are able to interact on a more intimate level within a natural habitat, and environment. AWA's pristine lands are kept in their natural wild state. This helps foster an appreciation of eveything wild, not just wolves. You will not find manipulated nor artificial environments for our captive wild residents.
ATT: Teachers!  AWA has a special interpretive school program called A Wolf Encounter Please visit the Teachers Page and have a wolf visit your classroom for the 2009/2010 school season. What better way for a student/students to learn about ecology and wolves than live and in person! It will be sure to be a wild Encounter to remember.

Skylar And Northern Lights Legend

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Rebecca Grambo's New Award Winning Book
The Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon

News Flash! Our wolves in the official 2011 WOLVES calendar. Our local friend, an award winning author, and photographer Rebecca Grambo was chosen to be Wymans publishing photographer for their official WOLVES 2011 calendar. Rebecca submitted MANY photographs including some she took at our facility of our wolves, to her surprise THREE pictures of our wolves were chosen to be in the calendar. Our arctic wolves together eco and legend are in this calendar, along with a picture of legend, and one of our dear Tibet. We also have in that calendar relatives to a couple of our wolves here as well. I could not feel more honored and proud of this. Rebeccas latest award winning book Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon is above if you click on the picture it will take you to her site where you can get a signed copy, as well as see her other highly acclaimed wildlife/nature books.


Illegal Wolf Ownership In Canada!  
Possessing  pure wolves in captivity without licensing through fish and wildlife is HIGHLY illegal throughout Canada, transporting/importing/exporting over the border without permits is highly illegal as well, yet at an alarming rate more and more people via illegal breeders are in possession of such illegal wild animals. 
  Many people will state that there are no tests to prove otherwise, well yes VIRGINIA there is indeed tests to determine pure wolf from dog, and from wolfdog. These types of owners simply dont have what it takes resource wise to get approved for licensing, thus go the illegal route. Laughing in the face of the authorities.
Report people who advertise wolf pups for sale to the public as pets. Do not support this highly illegal trafficking of wildlife. If someone says they have a wolf or wolves ask them if they are licensed through fish and wildlife, *they will be listed in a database if you contact Dept. Of Natural Resources* contact us here for a list of an official in your area, if not licensed, do not support this!   Wolves are NOT pets, they have purpose. Take away their purpose and you take away a part of what they are... *wolves*. Even in captive situations they are still wild animals! The animals will not be killed if seized, they will simply be placed in licensed places that are educated and have the proper set-up for such high needs animals.
 Such animals should only reside in well enriched and well constructed zoo environments, NOT pet homes.  Some breeders are selling wolves as wolfdogs, thinking they can get around the laws by doing so, when there were no tests. this was easier to do, as tests have become refined not so much anymore! ;) Wolves are highly intelligent and require not only special dietary needs, but enrichment wise much more than can be supplied in a back yard environment to keep their brains stimulated.
We here at A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Encounter are strongly against pure wolves being sold as wolfdogs to illegal homes, and possessing wolves as pets. Please visit our friends at Wild Sentry to read more about this topic they have written an amazing guide called
Like any wild animal they require an educational background, and going through a process to attain a permit to work with them.  Wolves upon maturity are potentially dangerous, especially to children and people who simply think they are like a large dog to raise in their back yards, thus can possess one as such. 
When people break laws, it creates more trouble in the long run for those that are legal, and increases demand of rescue for such canines , not to mention potentially serious injury or possible death to the average everyday person. Wolves are aggressive animals by nature, (even though in the wild this is what keeps the pack working so well together, and actually keeps the peace!)  In captive situations however, when they mature like any wild animal, they are no longer so cute and will continually test those around them,  including the humans, who will fall under *wolf rules*
We are getting an alarming number of calls from owners who have attained such canines illegally in Canada, and now are utterly overwhelmed with what they have taken on. We want to curb this problem before we hear of some childs death on the news. It's not that we are against wolfdogs, we have a true love for them actually enough so and more so than the need to breed or own any. It would not even be as much of a problem if people had lower content animals  with virtually no wolf. At least it's more like raising any northern breed canine then. The problem resides in that illegal pures can be worked into the mix to be bred and sold, it means more to us here that this be stopped for the sake and love of the animals themselves,  and not the ego so many have to own/and breed said animals. The facts are, the majority of people on this planet cannot handle canines like this PERIOD, there are NOT enough qualified homes for the numbers breeders are putting out.
When Ontario banned wolfdogs, rescue dried up and the calls stopped coming out at an alarming rate from that province, thus the poor animals not yet born would be saved from ever being dumped. Many people dont know that even wolfdogs are banned throughout MOST of Canada, only a few provinces remain legal for wolf hybrid/dogs. A huge supplier of wolfdogs (Alberta) banned wolfdogs years ago yet so far officials turn their heads the other way unless something happens and there are complaints, so much so people claim they are legal there even, but they are not under the current wildlife act any crossing of a  furbearing animal as the wolf is, is illegal.  Guess many dont truly go through the trouble of finding the actual act. Some CO's in certain areas dont even know their own laws.
Even wolfdogs (Not just pure wolves) require import/export permits all across Canada, even the LEGAL provinces the few that remain require a cites permit to bring a dog with wolf heritage across border (breeders please take note!) To verify contact canadian ag and food
We have learned a lot of lessons over the years about these animals, and our love only has grown, but so has our respect.  How I viewed all of what I am writing five years ago, is not the same as now, as I write these words. BUT with experience, time and knowledge comes wisdom and truth, however.  Wolves were not man created, they are their own entity and spirit in life, and being owned is not mother nature's way. No wild animals should be owned. My belief about wild animals (including wolves has been the same since childhood, and it had come full circle)
If they do reside in captivity however, all of their needs should be met professionally and in a licensed experienced environment.  Even getting such animals to the vets if need be is not something an average citizen could handle with a full grown wolf, for many refuse to leave their yard sites upon maturity let alone get them into a car to a doctors for proper health care.
Many find themselves once an emergency occurs unable to get help for their animals, as the wolf by nature is a HIGHLY reactive animal, it may become aggressive out of fear towards strangers/and their owners when stressed/cornered, they cannot get the animal into the vets for the emergency care like one can with a dog, thus a vet has to come out and dart said animal (all takes LOTS of time/money/stress to the animals itself) the animal could be dead by the time help is actually administered. I have seen the above scenario occur, and happen to a friend who used to have wolves in her care, yet  had several wolves die from this very thing!
The Rabies vaccine is not approved for legal usage in wolfdogs or wolves thus if they so much as scratch another person they will not get the quarantine period dogs get. It does not matter if owners say it works! what matters is what is LEGAL and APPROVED through higher authorities (USDA) and they say it is not legal or approved.  Various factors create a huge liability, so much so even spca's in B.C no longer adopt out wolfdogs, they euthanize due to the liability due to the nature of the animals itself, and legal reasons.  If such a canine bites a child that child has to go through a painful series of rabies shots even if the animal is vaccinated, for it is not approved for legal usage.


Questions About Wolves?
then please visit our very popular page on Wolf Insight to help dispel the various myths about what a wolf is, or is not.
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A Wolf Encounter is always on the look out for volunteers, this will reward the volunteers in various ways, getting to know the animals in a more personal manner, and learning more about what goes into their care, seeing in person where the work is going towards, furthering building skills, and looks good on a resume', is but a few of the perks. Please click on volunteers needed  or the same above to find out more.
Through adopting, and sponsorship of one of our special ambassadors,
 or through shopping at our ECOPAWZ GIFT SHOP
you will be helping in their continued care, and be given the opportunity to get to know your sponsored animal(s) via biographies, photo updates, and if a monthly sponsor, free visits. You are also given a bit of their shed fur to carry within a special pendant, a wolf paw casting, or plush wolf toy in return.
Through shopping at the gift shop you will be helping to grow AWA's programs. We are not provincially or federally funded in any way. We support the wolves and the outreach through working, not the other way around.
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Plush Arctic Wolf w/adoption cert/ shed arctic fur
One of the gifts for sponsoring one of the arctic wolf's at AWA comes with adoption cert.


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