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Interpretive/School Programs
(AWA-AWE's) school program is called
A Wolf Encounter Through Ancient Eyes

Take a walk on the wild side and learn about A Wild Wisdom!
WolfEcho Valleys A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Encounter offers up some custom designed interpretive programs for teachers, either at the ranch or an in gym/classroom presentation. We cater these programs from K-12 so that the presentations are age appropriate and for grade level to correspond with what the children are learning in the school curriculum.  What better way for those children learning about wild canids in school to get to see a wolf in person!  
These presentations encompass a variety of subjects depending on the grade level. If teachers would prefer to take their students on a field trip the ranch can encompass and cater the program to be on site.  All presentations include educational props from the learning box.  This includes a pelt, skull and more.
The educator is someone whom has been licensed for many years, is considered  a wolf expert, and professional in her field. Having also done work at the Saskatoon Zoo for the Saskatoon Zoo Society educating children in the k-12 classroom with various wild animal ambassadors from the zoo on the (biology and habitat of the animals brought in)
Donation Fees
There is a required donation of $150.00 for an hour to an hour and a half long, fun educational presentation, (fee based on school that is the max. of an hour and a  half away) Actual presentation fee is $75.00...(the rest covers the very costly travel time, gas costs and costs of vehicle maintenance due to transport there and back) Costs will be adjusted depending on where the school is located.
  On site presentations may go longer as some fun nature games are played to teach children with.  
Teachers and classrooms are also given the opportunity to sponsor
for a school year, any of the wolves of their choice!
Please contact me for more detail.
 Due to liability there is a hands off policy between the ambassador wolf(s) and any of the public/children.  The ambassador wolf will be within my control at all times and has been used many times in educational presentations.
Please Note: For home school programs, (which AWA wholeheartedly supports) and other youth affiliated programs that help children, donation fees are not set. I leave that up to teachers/parents of what they may put together
BEWARE: Please be aware of people approaching your school with a wolf hybrid animal(s) to teach children about wolves with,  these are people who breed and sell these animals as pets like dogs, are not licensed people nor are they experienced with pure wolves.  Children should be taught wolves are not pets to breed and sell like dogs. This gives kids the wrong impression. Kids understand DOG and they learn to understand Wolves if taught correct information. Using wolfcross animals does no good but goes towards confusing children,  and undoing the hard work true and experienced wolf professionals such as ourselves have created. The Rabies vaccine is not approved for legal usage in wolfdog/wolf hybrid animals either thus placing a public health issue on the forefront within the public school system.
By allowing such animals into our public classrooms, you are teaching children it is okay to go out and try and buy a wolf for a pet, or an animal with so much wolf it will act, look and basically be a wolf. Just as I would remind children that the hawk I used to bring into classrooms is not a pet budgie, wolves are NOT dogs. This is not to bash such canines but they have no place being paraded around as if they are dogs, and promoted as such to teach kids about wild animals with.
Please contact me at
info (at)
 or 306-922-4510

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Copyrightę  A Wolf Adventure, A Wild Encounter.  All rights reserved, unless stated otherwise via credit to another. Questions about usage of our written work, or photos?  Please contact us. We are always happy to help out others.  please contact  1 (306) 922-4510

Please Note: We are not provincially, or federally funded. We work to support the outreach work, any programs, and the wolves out of our own pockets, NOT the other way around Through your sponsorship and buying wolf gifts from us, you are not supporting US the human caretakers, any funds ALWAYS 100% go towards future educational programs, & expansion/enrichment for the wolves only, we work jobs like everyone else to support ourselves. The wolves are not bred for profit, nor do we make a living off their lives. We believe if wild has to be in captivity, that they should have jobs to help their wild brethren via educating with their wild messages. We believe in keeping wild; wild and thus actively participate via partaking ourselves in, and financially supporting other worthy wildlife rehab organizations, & wildlife/habitat conservation organizations.